Snakke om JAMstack #4

The below text was originally written for JAMstack-oslo. I am reposting it here so more people can hear about the JAMstack Oslo meetup :D

⭐️ Snakke om JAMstack #4

This is issue 4 of the meeting notes for the JAMstack Oslo organization. It focuses on keeping anyone interested in JAMstack Oslo up to date. Written by Alexander Alemayhu.

Today we had our first ever official event 🎉. It was much better than expected. The attendance was great. I arrived with my sister roughly 1.5 hours before the event started. This turned to be very good timing since making waffles and slicing apples did require some preparation in the Kitchen.

Videos have not been trimmed down yet, but you can checkout the raw stream footage either at Twitch or YouTube. Enjoy!

Rough mental notes from today

We have discussed getting us on the list of local chapters.  If you look at that page you can see they are using monuments for the various communities. It would be nice to pick a monument that represents Oslo while also making a good looking logo. This logo could be used for more things.  For ex. it would be useful to have it between speakers or as a generic loading slide before talks started.  To keep things simple we opted for using a simple typeface today.

I will try to follow up on this before next event, but if you know someone or are interested in making it happen sooner; reach out.

Reflection on the Meetup structure

You can read more about the actual event on the event page.  To summarize we had two great talks on the agenda

  • Lightning talk: Introducing the Gatsby Remark Oembed Plugin by @raae
  • Main talk: How to use Gatsby in the age of structured content by @rexxars

Between the talks we had one intro and outro. I will write up checklists for this and add it in the organization directory.

Potential for improvements

  1. We defintely could have communicated when the breaks were better. This was done adhoc, but it worked okay.  
  2. Remember to have water close to the speaker area. Should be put there beforehand, maybe bottles?
  3. Mention slide / video publication, would be nice to make it clear :)
  4. Remember to give credit to everybody (forgot Byteconf at the end)...
  5. Images taken at event could be uploaded faster. I pinged Even about this.

Anything missing above, what do you think?

What's next?

We need to send a courtesy ping for February.

When the recordings for todays event are ready I will send out next invitation.

If you want to invite someone, let us know.

The upcoming conference call for planning is roughly a week away on the 5th February. Please join us on the #monthly-planning channel.

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