Status update

I have not managed to follow up on the blogging as much as I would like to. I am working on it 😉 I have several drafts on things I would like to write about. They are still too short and unpolished to be published. I want to write about the amazing testing tool AVA, JAMstack, review 2018 and Vue.js.

So what has happened since January?

I joined Fortress at the start of the year and have worked there for about three months. It feels good to be back to a regular office with normal working hours. Without getting into all of the details of working remote, it was very lonely for me. I enjoy the lunch breaks and random chats with my new colleagues.

JAMstack Oslo

I have also been organizing the JAMstack Oslo meetup with others. We have had two events so far. Due to scheduling issues there won't be one this month but I hope everything is back to a regular schedule in April with new interesting topics.

Community volunteering

I also started volunteering for Red Cross in their information center. Being at the information center has been very rewarding. I get to meet new people and try to help them with their problem(s). If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, checkout their website. Surprisingly while being there I have come up with so many random ideas for applications I could make.

What am I focusing on moving forward?

My entrepreneurial spirit is beating and well alive inside me. I want to build something. I have many crazy ideas and many of them unfortunately will take years to build.


I have already started talking with my friend at Form- og Funksjonsarbeider Tomren and we have started. I look forward to it 😁

Building macOS apps

Back in February 2018 I started a sole proprietorship in order to build iOS and Android apps. On occasion I would do contract work. This turned out to be a total failure. I made several things but nothing solved a real problem and to be honest everything I made was 💩. The interfaces were terrible and I skipped all of the validation stages that you could do in product development. Enough about the past, moving forward I want to focus on bootstrapping.

This is a big project. The idea is to develop a blogging platform for students and self learners who want to document their journey. I am currently building a prototype of the editor, templating engine and calendar function. I also have many possible modules planned to improve the learning experience. I want to build this but I have todo it as side project spread over several years. It's so easy to underestimate how long it takes to make something.

Small utilities and communication tools

When I was actively streaming on Twitch, I got to play around with Electron. I had a lot of fun doing this. I want to build more desktop apps and Electron is definitely the framework I will be using. So basically the idea is to take very specific features I miss on my computer and build them in minimal apps. The ones I feel are useful for others go to the App Store. I already have a developer account but have never published something on the macOS App Store. Can't wait to try that.

Sorry for the long write. It was supposed to be short but my fingers would not stop typing.

Thank you for reading.

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