Links for week 52 - 2018

Final week of 2018 and of course I have collected random links for you 😉 I am still working out the format so it's slightly different from last time. I am still keeping the max three items cap to every category. I was mostly sick the last few days so did not get around to watch as many talks as I had wanted.

I haven't gotten started writing Vue.js code yet but I installed the vim-vue plugin, and setup a VuePress site. While not strictly related to the links, I also shipped my first ever npm module ggrep.


JAMstack Radio - Episode #23, Introduction to Downshift and Glamorous

Fun episode definitely some funny moments in there. Recommended listen!


The All Powerful Front End Developer - Chris Coyier | JAMstack Conf 2018

Fun talk jam packed with a lot of tools and full of energy.



I am still learning how to use lerna but this seems like a great tool for managing complex applications that require you to develop multiple packages in parallel.


While simple this logo generator from egoist is awesome and I love it. I will be using it for my future NPM modules.


Normally I would resort to Read The Docs for documentation writing but after trying out VuePress, this is definetely my preferered way. You can write in Markdown and the content is easily generated. Extensions support and overall nice tool to interact with.



Static web publishing for Front-End Developers


A modern operational data platform without compromises or limits

Vue Mastery

The ultimate learning resource for Vue developers

Random feature video

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