Links for week 1 - 2019

A new year with a lot of great opportunities 😁 I recently joined Fortress where I will be doing a lot of web development and moving away from low level topics for a while. I am going to use the JAMstack even more than before and hopefully migrate some huge websites from Wordpress to it as well. While before I used to roll a lot of own systems using git+ssh, happy to see that great tools like Netlify are making it extremely easy to deploy modern web applications. I have only personally barely scratched the surface on what is possible with Lambda Functions and look forward to learning a lot of new stuff this year. Happy learning!

Podcasts - Episode 29, Structured Content Done Right with San​i​ty​.io

Fun episode on



Simple yet powerful framework for building command-line apps

Netlify CMS

Open source content management for your Git workflow


Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox



A static CMS that commits


The community platform for the future.


⚡️ Build super fast, modern websites with Vue.js


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