Dreams for 2019

I have been thinking about this a lot and wanted to share my main goals for 2019. I have more dreams but these are the ones that were sticking out when eyeballing Trello. I really wanted to get a drivers license for personal vehicles, but after thinking about it's probably better to just wait a few more years.

  1. Take better care of myself
  2. Grow the JAMstack Oslo community
  3. Ship 700 NPM packages
  4. Build many Vue apps
  5. Do some volunteer work
  6. Keep in touch with my family
  7. Talk less tech after work
  8. Help friends to learn to code
  9. Apply to the Recursesenter
  10. Do a Electron screencast
  11. 📚 Read Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
  12. 📚 Read How to Win Friends & Influence People
  13. Ship iOS apps using ARKit
  14. Keep all relevant tax deadlines
  15. Go on two romantic dates
  16. Get a new home office chair

What are your plans for 2019? Feel free to share them with me 😀

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